We rest stand back in marvel and awe..

We rest stand back in marvel and awe..

Vital systematic infrastructure in the societal and political process breeds the best off chance for any such society to function well and pure for the most, the broadest base, those who just wish and wallow in, ahhhh, democracy.

With the ideal of Western civilization being  just one and the same as the sainted democratic ideal it is safe to say that all good systems, nations, self governing political entities, self aggrandizing farces make it their business to have all good checks and balances, all good supremacy of viable law, all good ascensions to positions of power by those who are not running the casino.

Tis just an easy thing to stand back in the safety of our own safe haven and watch the shell games of evil men, vile woman as they manipulate the poor suckers under their auspices who pretend to have access to power or not.

The mechanical systems of government push where they push, fray where they fray, flow where they flow.

The fixers fix the show and the shell.

We rest stand back in marvel and awe..

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