Power goes where it goes. Our national system may no longer be its home.

Power goes where it goes. Our national system may no longer be its home.

Good money, power, will can buy a lot of friends … a lot of walls …. a lot of insulation  … a lot of heroes, homes, heft …

Statelessness, as necessary …..  Safe havens as desired ….  the popular state of ether living in the cloud of being, being of the nationality of kind and  enforcement and protection of necessity …. the laws of the invisible, untouchable, set aside and special persons of personality and poise and promise are laws bought and sold, paid for and made.

Stateless, mate-less, alliance to building the proper homes for good standing wealth and power …. the proper venues for kingdoms upon the hill of special and enforceable grace.

Political systems need believers, enforcers, supporters, fairy queens and a sense of membership.  Systems need definition and balance and counter weight and commonality.  Breakdowns of systems need those who would manipulate the vulnerabilities, build the vulnerabilities in, create fissures and cracks and holes of depth.  There is little will for a coherent whole of a system in the happy here and now.  There are the fond games for those who would just  game the play, rule the play, disregard and leave and strip the play, make the play, the system irrelevant, broke, defrnceless.

Power goes where it goes.

Our national system may no longer be its home.

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