Devils with laser red eyes are of ascendance

Devils with laser red eyes are of ascendance

With a lack of over riding rational, humane, dare we say enlightened values, operating in the marrow and sinew of the world’s thinkers, strivers, killers, intimidaters  …. in the world’s abundant slobs, scum and weasels ……..  all and any arguments of rights and cause, heroes and gods, killers and devils are to the rancid.   False men and false gods ….. false moral equivalence …….. no position taken any where, any time, any season need to shield itself from shame.

None are active, respected enough to shame the willful, the lurid, the blood thirsty, the immolaters, the self indulgent haters and decrepit righteous.  Winds of banality and vile stick to the ribs of all ….. all wish to be as vile, as banal as the worst of us as that banality infers the currency of power and lust, blood lust, the absence humanity, the absence of responsibility, the absence of a non festering sore of a credo …. the vile ids of the folk now in ascendance.

Thoughts never too damning, demeaning …. acts never too sinister… never too much  filled with nectars of fear, ignorance  loathing ….. dim currencies of canker sore ravaged idea, cause, culture, sub culture, sword slung ways of pit diving build the values of the soulless.  Stairways to heaven, mammon, ecstasy, status, vice …… pathways to best butcher enemies.

Devils with laser red eyes are of ascendance

Dominance Games…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…

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