Force vs. force. ….. enemies are made for such things.

Force vs. force…… enemies are made for such things.

Guns are given so that there is the protection of the overwhelmingly put upon saintly individual from the actions of the tyrannical state always out of control and vile.

As always might makes right and the right to secede from vile statists, scummy statists need be a workable proposition …….. the ability to forge one’s own laws and covenants is a defensible, defining thing.

A happy nation under law with liberty and justice is a desirable.  Tyranny is a word to throw around.

Dumb and dumber, lame and vile law enforcement is as always, a challenge to that fabric of life that holds any law enforcement a trusted thing.

Folks on the wrong side of state backed fear, intimidation, worse  ……… fine little fabric that goes south.

The idea of law, messy law, a messy democratic law ….. enemies are made for such things.

Force vs. force.

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