Oh. Wonderful. Quality of life is a good thing.

Oh. Wonderful. Quality of life is a good thing. 

Once mayors and pols and hopeful heroes and all saints ran on the joys and integrity of quality of life issues.

Oh. Wonderful. Clean streets.  Trash pick up.  Community policing.  Bye bye abandoned cars …. abandoned buildings … on and on and etc and etc.

Oh. Wonderful. This seemed like a good deal … good smarts …. good tries for stability …. smart canny bottom up responses to to decay and decay.

Oh. Wonderful. Quality of life is a good thing.  Most folks want it.  Most loud mouths promise that it will come by osmosis.  Oh. Wonderful.

Local police forces are underfunded ….. invitations to ruin.

Local school distr9icts are underfunded ….. happy political and other invitations to ruin.

Local roads, infrastructure, physical plants ……. rancid with decay.

Dead zones ……. a look and feel attractive to those far away and long gone.

No money.  No jurisdiction.  No understanding.  No will.  No vision.  No wish.

Save for the barren.

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