Power. Power. Power.

Power.  Power.  Power.

Power.  Power.  Power.

To the State.

To the masses.

To the individual.

For those who earn it.

For those who take it.

For those who make it.

For those who break it.

For the dumb.

For the smart.

For the wily.

For the mean.

For the brain dead.

For the putrid.

For those who know how to get it.

For those who know how to use it.

For the users and takers and fools.

For the rappers and sackers and tools.

Foe those who see no friends.

For those who see only enemies.

Foe cooperation. For wisdom. For survival.  For hate.  For bait.  For strata, caste, blast, mass.

For the future.  For the past.

For the balance between the mass of masses and all kings of kings.

For the individual.  For the society.

Foe the cheap seats.

For all kind killers.

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