Pressure builds. Winners win.

Pressure builds.  Winners win.

Business models built upon non existent labor costs seem to have been built and imagined when those non existent labor costs represented just poor transient income for poor transient laborers in need of such monies as simple supplements or temporary respites. ……. just the world in which we live today.

Poor poor Labor has always been there to be exploited …. the high laws of mawkishly  simple supply and demand.   Bad, evil organized labor balances all those monetarily rancid powers some.  With labor as a source of controlled resource  there are then the joys of the  power plays for who may exploit best. …… With labor as a source of controlled resource  there may be then slightly more equanimity ……. a more democratic crowd of thug.

There will always be too damned many poor folk.  They may wish to sell cheap any and everything over which they have control.  They may lie, cheat, steal and kill.  That there tis an ugly world the world of the poor.  Organized, unorganized, multiplied and surely they may fight, blow, riot and challenge.  Co-opt them with words, clubs, slogans and caste systems.

Here, there and everywhere survival may demand safety valves, jack boots, monsters, force backed, economically backed stratified societies.

Pressure builds.  Winners win.

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