There is no money out there to push such ideas.

There is no money out there to push such ideas.

Those in favor of a certain type of an understanding and interpretation of the working business model of our political system choose to champion their own precious interpretation of our Constitution as the one true underpinning and backbone of any and all proper political life in these somewhat United States.

This is a valuable, firm, hard wired lesion and function, the feel for the absolutes of importance in a world that lacks any.

Those who simply champion the ideas of any representative Democracy able to stand as a form of checks and balances upon power and rigged systems have no such call to arms.  There is no populist fight to save the value of a vote, have aggregate votes represent some sort of aggregate opinion, diminish the absolutist aims of system gamers, users, ghost talkers, abusers.

Grand republics need strength, the ability to function, institutions, ideas bases upon a valid educated will of a dumb populous with skin in the game, a political class who dramatically would not rather be kings.

There is no money out there to push such ideas.

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