Or maybe let a happy little algorithm do it. The shaped species.

Or maybe let a happy little algorithm do it. The shaped species.

We hate to give the evil government happy little tyrannical powers over us, our homes, our lives, our every movement, moment, nursing bottles that we suck upon so vigorously, and dauntingly.

We pray to cry tyrant and despot and dictator and humped back chiller killer chum with every breath, at every chance and with all solid working fibers of our bodies and brains, our minds so tender.

We wish to be free.  Free to be.  Free to be the you and me that God and will and drive and excitement and release created, mandated, eviscerated, caramelized and set up.

No strings.  No attachments.  No spokes in the back or steel toed boots to the thorax.

Make our way as we are willing.  As we are ready.  As we are able.

Leave and highlight give trail and story, information and impression, pigeon holing and encircling, eliminating and  crushing careless bits information to every little two bit punk who is deemed worthy enough to handle same and joylessly make decisions about your future, your survival, your freedom of movement.

Or maybe let a happy little algorithm do it.

The shaped species.

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