The big snakes in the weeds.

The big snakes in the weeds.

It is the natural state of affairs in societies to drift or run or fall into authoritarian, fascist, oligarchical rule.

Order is more easily found when dictates of fewer find their ways to shape their world.

Law is more easily made when it can be decreed to favor those with power and those with power more naturally seek to set up class systems to their benefits.

Those who attain wealth and power are not necessarily keen to share it with those they use or own or despise or dismiss.

Those who attain wealth and power are more likely to feed, bribe, coerce, empower mobs and thugs to do their bidding …. with a wary eye at the giving away of too much autonomy and strength.

Mobs and thugs and self proclaimed heroes write the laws they want.  Violence is a good lubricant.

Users, owners, buyers rig the games, the systems, the wealth, the subsistence, the survival of the poor bastards who ain’t them.

The big snakes in the weeds.

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