Education 101: Just let the dumb dictate the rules.

Education 101: Just let the dumb dictate the rules.

The new school wonders love the charters so that they can break the unions, own the curriculum, return the teaching profession to five year wonders who cannot afford to stay on, make dull, derided pedagogue laden drones the mainstay of the land.

Take the cream of students, deal not with the problem child, live in drone heaven.

It is necessary to deprofessionalize the profession in order to not have people of standing actually countering the vast, rancid politics of education.

Cut labor …. cut an opposing power base … devalue the nature and quality of thought  …. just a big drill session for brain addled students who need to be spoon fed for they are given the whip hand in the classroom and there is no impetus to have them feel that the responsibility for learning is on them,

Just let the dumb dictate the rules.

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