Just buy them. They are just dumb as rocks.

Just buy them.  They are just dumb as rocks.

We trust in the ‘merican people … in their wisdom  … in their good common sense  … in their abilities to be rock solid down home folks who can divine the rightness of cause and immutable nature of facts as we go forward and stand for Freedom.

We stand for Freedom and we need not pay to manipulate message ….  honor ….. voter …. narrative ….. story …. fact …. ideological  dream ….. Such as this would be not of honor.  I am honor bound .  I cherish it so. To bring dishonor so to ourselves,  our flock …. ahh  rampant disrespect,  disregard for the strength of my character, the integrity and character of my flock .  Dignity and honor shine.

Tough, god fearing, smart.  My ‘merican people.  Never to dishonor them. Would not insult them so.  Could not insult them so.

Just buy them.

They are just dumb as rocks.

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