Takes a soul.

Takes a soul.

It is a joyful thing to be a society bare and slim and slick and open to and ready for speed, creed, need, bleed, seed, feed, corruption.

Smiles and emptiness and void and owners, vassals, slaves, sighs, styes, lies, tries, cries, dies, trips to heaven and hell and back again are the trips to moons and suns and stars and light.

Without benefit of soul.

Corruption of purpose, void of means in the absence of dreams, fueled by spleens, schemes ….

Corruption of purpose, void of means, prisoner of reams of latent needs to never seem …. corrupt ….

Corruption of purpose, void of means, nothing in the middle of daily life …..

Souls and things and depths and flings with staunch and true and worth ….

Takes a soul.

Never to be seen.

Don’t make ’em any more.

Not bankable.

Too stern.

For fairies and scum.

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