Tribal this and tribal that.

Tribal this and tribal that.

Tribal this and tribal that.

Tit for tit.

Tit for tat.

Ream and spat.

Speak and sigh.

Move lips and lie.

Fit words to cause.

Fit cause to war.

Tribal we are.

Tribal we were.

Tribal we shine and shall be to be free.

Take no qualms.

Take no mercy.

Heads on spears are music.

Need to churn.

Need to burn.

Need to tame.

Need to maim.

Need to game.

Keepers of and from the flame.

I am just.

Lame and stained.

I am mean.

Bare my teeth.


Hand to God.

Hand to heavens.

Blood on.

Blood on mouth.

Sharp teeth.


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