Dictator. Dictator. Poor poor bastard being a dictator.

Dictator.  Dictator.  Poor poor bastard being a dictator.

Here a dictator.  There a dictator.  Up.  Down.  In.  Out.  Everywhere a dictator.

Ride the high country.  Ride the hard country.  Ride the range.  Ride the backs of whimsy and folly and you take power and shove it down the throats of the undeserving masses.

Those who fight the fight of freedom for the sake of their own …..  mean, small agendas filled with corruption, want, ignorance and rage against the other …… hate the damned dictator …… those who would jack boot the unwilling with their divisiveness, guns, force, demonizing and nullifying …. why are we cursed with such a fowl tip of the power sword?

Dictator.  Dictator.  Poor poor bastard being a dictator.

Kill it once.  Kill it twice. Kill the dictator’s needs, deeds, motion.

Kill it once.  Kill it twice. Kill the the thrill with a thrill kill of your own.

Make em sad.  Make em mad. Defang.  Nullify.  Bleed dry.  De-legitimize.   Void of use.

Sweep em away.  Push em away.  Devil to be saved from.

By all means possible.  Any means probable.

By the good guys.

True absolute power should go to the good good guys.

The softer, sweeter authoritarians.  The kind oligarchs and fascists.

The thrills of combat.

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