A dead society that holds one to petty allegiance.

A dead society that holds one to petty allegiance.

Citizens of the world.

Citizens of the cosmos.

Citizens of the world where boundaries are there to keep the riff raff in …… porous enough to not matter to kings and queens and super beings and such.

Big world.

Bad world.

Big stage.

Big horizons.

Counter weights come from all sorts of other sweet little big stage players …. not, never, no way boundary bound purveyors of the myth of sovereignty meaning a damned thing.

Sovereignty, of course, is for those who are unable to check it, deflect it …. sullenly check mate it.

Sovereignty is a tool to be used, schmoozed, fused …… a place to hang a hat when the weather permits.

Use.  Cruse.  Abuse.  Freedom of movement, idea, influence, hammers.  Freedom from being a sucker ….  a member of a dead society that holds one to petty allegiance.

That, not the wise and worldly view.

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