Oligarchy … fascist pigs …. this is the loving future.

Oligarchy   … fascist pigs  …. this is the loving future.

Oligarchy good.  Democracy bad.

A new continuum.  A new paradigm.  A new understanding of what makes successful governance in this modern 21st century world is needed and cried for.

Modern sensibilities demand the order be derived out of the unmistakable trends acting upon our brave new, freely sustainable world.

Power is shifting away from the nation state to those who can control the flows of capital, influence, message, economic movement, economic access, arms, armies, cheap labor, mass canon fodder, power brokers, power lanes, …. use the tools of the nation state as structures of fiefdoms, organization, human capital and forced markets.

The strong are strong and the strong push the raw forces of action, reaction, negation of opposition, negation of inconvenient idea, thought, access to material and power, access to the means of production and control.  Power flows from them that take it …. master it … manipulate it  … take joy in it.

Oligarchy   … fascist pigs  …. this is the loving future.

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