Bang. Bang. The underclass is getting hungry.

Bang. Bang.  The underclass is getting hungry.

Bang. Bang.  The underclass is getting hungry.  No jobs.  No benefits.  No love.  No redemption.  Just sneers.  They have guns.  They shoot each other.  They are lazy and are rotten and they can hurt me.

They are feral.  Push them all.  Push them some more.  Eradicate and neutralize them.  Demoralize them and imprison them.  Make them subsistence wage slaves or general slaves ….. cordon them off and let them wither and die and kill and maim each other off.  Starve them and remove them from shelter.  No health care and no place to go ……. We must …. if they react with their violence and hate …….turn to our selves and our arms and step back from any insurrection against the established order of things and then be prepared to go in and fight off the feral subhuman underclass mobs that may turn against our dear little selves.

We know always who is boss.  What are guns for?

Dominance Games…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…




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