Fascism can get the trains to run on time.

Fascism can get the trains to run on time.

Keep em dumb.  Keep em uneducated.  Keep them free from competing points of view in their media, in their political districts, in their schools, in their talks from steely eyed courageous congress folk who wouldn’t know a unedited statement if it ran up their ….. and bit them in their red blooded hearts.

Keep em distracted.  Keep em fooled.  Keep em trigger happy and hateful.

Keep em purposeful and incapable of attention spans and critical thought.  Keep em galvanized to third rate political theater.

Keep em boiling slowly in the sublime waters of political dysfunction until the happy alternatives are destruction of democratic ideals and openings for demigods, power seekers, oligarchs, princes and holy rollers.

Keep em wishing for a muscle bound savior who can stuff their enemies down the drains of history and bring back the flag of America Firsters.

Fascism can get the trains to run on time.

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