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Governance breeds blackmail. It is the safety valve against good governance.

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Governance breeds blackmail.  It is the safety valve against good governance.

Blackmail is good.  It is enthralling.  The chest puffs out.  The heart beats rapidly playing songs of of thunder and rants of rage and hate.  There is music there.  Music for the savage breast and the taunting, teething heart.  There is comfort there.  There is the comfort of battle and the hubris of self.  There is the sweet tempos of songs sung  softly with backings of rats, bats, clubs and knife wounds.  Blackmail ain’t for babies, the indigent, the sensitive or the morally ambiguous.

Blackmail is for thugs, fraternity boys, sorority girls, little piss-ants at the playground, teens with pimply faces and swack egos.  Blackmail is for roughed up losers with nothing left to give, roughed up takers with nothing left to grab Blackmail is what sober minded heroes do when they look in the mirror at the superiority of themselves …. the superiority that draws its own wonders, rewards, its own little rulers, rules, must wins and superior smiles.

Blackmail is spiting in the wind, happy days for the anxious and the proud.  Governance breeds blackmail.  It is the safety valve against good governance.

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