Heavy lies the weight of the nation, the questions of war and peace.

Heavy lies the weight of the nation, the questions of war and peace.

Heavy lies the weight of the nation, the questions of war and peace, of using up more canon fodder where desired and heavy lies the weight of thought and maturity upon the non calculating drones who eat big questions for sport while just time and time again using little questions for just dessert.

Heavy lies the weight of the realization that big questions are for big people and that big people must be puffed up by big winds blowing through the cavities of empty bodies and porous brains in order to puff them up so that they can float well as real and trial balloons.

Heavy is the pace of action when action requires a world view in favor of interests at odds with the attainment of personal gain, personal toadying, personal aggrandizement, personal flags waving over personal triumphs for all other personal persons to recognize as that of the man to see and toady to, honor, as he or she fights the good fight to wrestle control of the spigot of tender loving influence from the heathens of another stripe.

Lets stand for the right of being a colossus of eternal use.

The system goes round and round.

Bless the calculations.

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