Hickory dickory dock. We’re watching out the clock

Hickory dickory dock.  We’re watching out the clock

Hickory dickory dock

We’re watching out the clock

When it strikes twelve the world is won

When it strikes twelve the stun is fun

The bad guys get hurt to function no more

The game of containment gets opened for war

The push and the pull of morals and hopes

Aside from the words of cretins and dopes

Gets tested and rung through the ringer of standards

With an acceptable outcome just goose for the ganders

What are the lines of national interests

Those of the speeches and fairy tales and memories of mother

What keeps the American entity safe and vibrant

Which devils are our temptresses and which are our blockades

Which way to order the world best to our purposes

That is, of course, the purposes of the myth of the American entity

You know … the one in which we stand for ourselves, our treasure, our survival, our home

Sweet home of God and good

Sweet home of dealing with the devils of lost paradise

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