Ignorance has the heart of a sneer

Ignorance has the heart of a sneer

Free speech gives the right to be an obnoxious fool and a tone deaf sycophant.  Benign hate and entitlement is a good thing.  It lets the steam safely out of the happy club wielding populous who would rather act when in no fear of violent retribution or in looking to foment same.  Cowards and punks can co exist in happy tandem.

Pollyannas, dullards, rapacious bores, jack booted thugs, poor poor heavenly innocents and happy lippy standard bearers for causes pure and motives true speak with the approval of the gods.

Caste is caste.  Power is power.  Power is as power does.  Order is as order is.  Screw the entitled.  A noble thing.  In what world?  Screw the unentitled.  More elaborate fun.

Comfort the afflicted.  Afflict the comfortable.  Dreams unhinged.  Comfort the comfortable.  Afflict the afflicted.  Fond repast.  It is good to be on the lame end of the try for wit.  Ignorance has the heart of a sneer.

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