A wave to the flag. Spend wisely to keep America from going down the drain.

A wave to the flag.  Spend wisely to keep America from going down the drain.

War or not to war.

Steel the nerves or not to steel the nerves.

Have national interests or don’t.

Have aims and desires that aren’t mercantilism, dominoes, bad position playing making the world safe for users, abusers, profiteers.

Stand for freedom from encroaching encroachments threatening successful operations of stable balances of power.

Stand for stable balances of power foreign and domestic.

Stand for the ability to leverage events towards the American way …. freedom for freedom of thought, freedom for freedom of movement … freedom for freedom from freedom to enslave, trap, dictate to, own …. freedom to gain dignity……. a wave to the flag.

Stand for coherent policy, strategy, calls to arms.

Spend wisely to keep America from going down the drain.

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