Eyes always on the prize. Eyes always on the kill.

Eyes always on the prize.  Eyes always on the kill.

Ahhh.  the pundits.  The politicians.   Noble warriors for freedom and drek.  They want to win.  They want to defeat the evil enemy.  They want to rule the roost of many with the aims of the few …. their sainted few.  Democracy is for gaining rule by whatever means the system allows.  It is not about coalitions, minority opinions, taking opposing positions as valid or of worth or worth honoring to any degree… living and let living.

Democracy is such a timid, limped system of government.  Where can the real rebel rouser, king makers, authoritarian personalities go for fun and games in such a putrid system of checks and balances.  Pity the poor poor strong man, heaven sent man, godly primed woman, spawns of a more attractive devil.

The eternal chase and love of life and real meaningful self fulfillment demand a stage of staggering proportions.  Each and every little two bit two bit demands a little corner of our collective hell to call his own little fiefdom of moral outrage and absolute rule.

Governing is a boorish thing.  Our heroes are made of sterner stuff.  Eyes always on the prize.  Eyes always on the kill.

Hail the half assed Caesars.

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