Good not to be a bum or degenerate mongrel producing lover

Good not to be a bum or degenerate mongrel producing lover

Many who wish to gain power by democratic means wish to do so so that they can rig the system to their ends.  The loyalty is not to the system but to the power grab.

Many at the economic top of a system or country or federation or whatever share not in the common framework or identity of that system or country or federation as they have the means to go where the winds of protection and opportunity cushion best their existence and buy them the best fences and most ardent lackeys.

American heartland.  Give not to the sappers of American strength and vital bodily fluids.  Give instead to those who can implement a proper oligarchy who will place the heartland hotties in the proper order on the please, please pecking order.  Please pleas know that the heartland hotties are worthy of being allowed to exist and allowed to support the proper drives to order the world to the liking of said oligarchs and the favor of said heartland hotties.

Inequity is a byproduct of of the cheapening of the value of the mostly marginal populace who mostly don’t serve the general good of those who need the canon fodder, the gut wrenching actual need for labor, the minimal ability to need and buy those goods and services that the rest of the damned world won’t support.

Tough love is the demanding that those bums and lovers make do and survive in venues that cannot support survival.

Good not to be a bum or degenerate mongrel producing lover.

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