Democracy is a nice word

Democracy is a nice word

Democracy is a nice word.  It is the mantra and savior of all us like minded advanced folk who believe in the old dictum that it is the worse kind of political system save all others …… whether we are democratic liberal heroes or sympathizers with the holiness of it all.

Much like those who would concern themselves with the birth of a child prior to its delivery … but not after ….. the true heartfelt democrats cascading far and wide in the advanced circles of human endeavor are believers in the word, the process, the fairness of it all but care little for the making and keeping of the structures, the systems, the belief systems that would ensure that a democratically formed order of magnitude and grace would not vote itself to be the freely elected enforcers of pleasant despotism, philosopher kings, oligarchies, theocracies, final lords and masters.

Power sought is power sought.  Those who are constrained by the seminal arch of the rainbow of democracy will seek power within and under the umbrella of such a lovely arch.  Once in place and in positions of hallowed legitimacy there is always the path to reshape the system into a happier vehicle for the exercising of one’s own divine will.

The will to power does not a democrat make.  An imbalance of powers within a system does not a democracy ensure.  Democracies flourish when they are too tough to steal or when those in position to exercise the fruits of their crook-hood don’t as they have an allegiance to the sloppy, rotten system that got them there.

Don’t bet the barn on the latter.

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