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It don’t get no better than being dumb, horny and on the make

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It don’t get no better than being dumb, horny and on the make.

When there is no positive legislation to wish for, no governing appreciated, no desire to function as an active, non negative problem solving force, no desire to dirty ones saintly little self with the taint of cooperation from she monsters and he trogs  than there is no incentive to indulge in the sacrilege of winning dirty friends and influencing the class of untouchables that would be barely considered as problematic people.

When the tearing down and breaking up and the singing of rose colored asses is the mothers milk of morning joy then there is no joy like the toy joy of the coy joy of the boy toy of the hippity hoppity jumpity  relevant reasons for sniffing in the morning dew and pissing at those who believe that governance is a calling for angels and sighers.

With no rules to respect, no courts unchallengeable, no conflicts unsolvable out of a barrel of a gun we can have the devilish heathen other as a total waste of precious time and bodily fluids.

Ahhh, to take them down and break them up, mock their absence of ability, screw their sinister rancid aims, laugh at their wishes for enforcement powers, sneer at their diddily little wants, stand in the way of their impotent wet dreams with your own, lick their secret peccadilloes.

It don’t get no better than being dumb, horny and on the make.

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