Screw those who think this a civilized world

Screw those who think this a civilized world

Back when the world was young and foolish in its naive rebirth of humanism after the defeats of the great evil doers of WWII and the confrontations with the vast totalitarian evil empires of communism, fascism and the acceptance of self determination and progress on behalf of the poor and down trodden of the wayward world …… the paths to the futures of forever and a day seemed honest and clear and good and brave.  Secular freedoms, law grounded in viable institutions and honest brokers with republican or democratic bents seemed the valuable ideal and an answer to the voids of human events.

Might not making right.  The comforting of the afflicted and the afflicting of the comfortable.  The balancing of powers within a society so that the messiahs of any hue or thugs of any stripe could not get a corner on the ways and means of death and taxes and freedom of movements and freedoms of thought and things dear and important.  Too much for the rank and file to handle.

The assumption was that tribalism was a passing thing  …. that potentates and dim bulbs with guns and hate and good rousing patter would be able to face opposition with guns and hate and good rousing patter within the sanctity of law and virtue, that an educated and enlightened world would embrace the age of Reason and that they would accept that the age of reason as a good thing worthy of use and reverence and reference and solace.  No shows.

The balancing of the pristine powers of the rancid needs help.  Laws need institutions that reflect the view of those who cannot hurt.  Those who care not for the passions of a reasonable man lay the groundwork for those passions to be the monumental waste of time.

Whats mine is mine …..  my piece of the damned small pie and you are in the way.  Whats mine is mine ….. I need less of you, more of me.  Whats mine is mine ….. You need to be a cypher at my disposal, my heel upon your neck.  Whats mine is mine …..  Your thought are impure, a pain in my ass, that which will get in the way of my wants and impulses.  Screw those who think this a civilized world.

Dominance Games…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…




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