Fascist Handbook I

Fascist Handbook   I

The skill is in the kill

The bad always drive out the good in the end.  Fine minds like fine wine get wasted, used for vinegar.  Fine minds of all stripes and sizes are of no use to the worlds of politics in anyway other than that of power seeking and manipulation … and then only at the behest of a thug in chief.

Good and sound thinkers provide the only respite from the public frays of holy warriors and bashing cynical sycophantic hustlers and bag men but what is worth a listen by the informed observer is of useless currency to the rest.  The skill is in the kill and the kill is the skill and is always the prize.  The skill is in the muscle and sweat and the weapons and control of the battlefield.

He who defines his enemy is a champ and a cause.  All conservatives are jack booted fascists.  The lefties haven’t learned that trick.  The righties play offense not defense.  A noble game.

Watch all the babble.  Watch the challenging mind get buried.

Such a legacy is for pontificators and elites only

Serious people doing serious business.  Serious folk seeking gravitas and wisdom and a manner of honed honor.  Serious clowns with serious snark smirking at serious counsels of seriously short snafus of the constructive kind.

Aimless aimers hoping for the general mantel of leadership of rag tag armies of wretched puffed up chargers on steeds of white and mists of yellow.  The fakes and the fakers who do anything save think and contemplate and define the world in the lights of their aggression.  Seeing past ones nose is for four eyed intellectuals who have no innards and who scoff a lot.

No one of talent can make a case for bullsh… being seen as bullshi…..and no one of talent can make a case for being a force against bullshi…. No one of talent who must be reckoned with.

Such jobs went out with the fadings of the myths of propriety gained after the last great crusade of the past generation … the trials of war and peace of the WWII years and such gone by ….. Such a legacy is for pontificators and elites only.

So they say.

Shrink the government.  Fascists jig.  Fascists jig.

Shrink the government.  Make it useless.

Shrink the government .  Make it moot.

Shrink the government.   It does bad things for bad people.

Shrink the government.  Fascists jig.

Shrink the government.  Fascists gig.  Shrink the government.  It give bad people freedom from hate, want, ambition, drive, the right to be dictated to and run over and lynched.

Shrink the government.  Fascists jig.  It is a bulwark against  private control. private, armies, private motives, private moves. private manipulations. private moves to maximize private power, position, control, dislike, the kick and the kill.

Shrink the government.  Fascists jig.  Shrink the government.  Without same the vital strong and the bodily fluid devious can prosper ever more.

Shrink the government.  Let the armed armed provide help to favored outlets.

Shrink the government.  Fascists jig.  Fascists jig.

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