They don’t bow down to our gods. Break em.

They don’t bow down to our gods.  Break em.

Power structures exist for a reason.  They are there to be gamed played, used, abused, done with as one pleases.

Only the righteous attain power by the sweat of their brows and the iron wills of their determinations.

The attainment of power and such gives one the natural right to wield it for maximum gain and wider influence.  That is the stuff of the Gods.  Keep up or get buried.

Strength can be used to promote order and values and schemes to keep the lame and the halt at each others throats.

The weak need bow down, buy in, get plowed under …. save for cheep labor or canon fodder .  Their procreation or protection is in their spit. They earn not mechanisms for survival.  A piece of the hammer for them means chaos and depravity.  They don’t bow down to our gods.  Break em.

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