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Good minds are drowned out and put to rest

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Good minds are drowned out and put to rest

The arguments go round and round.  The snipers snipe with putrid gusto.  The sharp shameless redactors spring into action and show off their muscle over manner, their heft over honor, their mayhem over all.

Hail to the cracker jack actors, intimidators, thugs, self satisfied shooters.  Hail to the toothless wonders who know that eating brain food makes you liberal.  Hail to the stakes, the snakes of the century, the wizards, the wrestlers of mean and morality as we chomp our way through tough guys and tough guys.  A nation of tough guys.  Stand for tough.  Get paid to blow.

Minus minds and negative gravity open up the world to the skill sets of the vegetable deprived.  No there there.  Only fake and bake.

Good minds are drowned out and put to rest.  They are boring and peevish and not grounded in hate.


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