Butch I am. Bang. Bang.

Butch I am.  Bang.  Bang.

Butch I am.

Butch I’ll be.

Butch is that which makes me free.

Kill them all.

Knock ’em dead.

Time is mine.

I lay in bed.

I dream the dream.

I think the thought.

Tough as nails and in your face

My life is full of wisdom and grace

The suns comes up

The sun goes down

I am the one who brings the frown

Butch I am

Butch I’ll be

Puff and tough

I ain’t got nobody

Just the right to be butch

I’ll stare you down

Shout you down

Scare you down

Muscle you down

Wimp you out

I am the thriller, the killer, the beacon of might

You the road kill

Butch I am

Bang. Bang.

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