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Ain’t we wonderful ….. so proud. Sweet Suite.

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Ain’t we wonderful ….. so proud

The good citizen

If you want to protect me from the government then who will protect me from you?

If the government will protect me from the roving bastards of hell who will protect me from the government?

Around and around she goes … where she stops only the lonely know.

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The strong will vanquish the weak and make them bleed.

Terror is the bi-product of letting any and all creeps go unchallenged.

Trust is the luxury of those who have some weight of their own or who have distrust rationally removed from a small horizon.

Trust who you can trust.  Listen to the siren songs of the self serving mouse.

Government plays, stays, protects, kills.

Private power does the same.

Feat both.

Screw the balance.

Beat your chest instead.

Amen. We are divine.

Let’s draw together as one nation under divine providence.

Let’s draw together as a people united in suffering, full of togetherness, open to brotherhood and secure in our belief that all of our fellows are worthy of a listen … are worthy of respect.

Let’s draw together as in the spirits of great causes, as in the demonstrations of great shared loss and great shared responsibility.

Let’s draw together as the night threatens to come and the day threatens to recede.

Let’s draw together as the silver beacon of a land on the hill, as the last best hope for mans honor and redemption, as the fiery might of right and reason flying out to smite down evil and bring about safety, toughness, might, backbone and a stiff upper lip.

Let’s draw together as the world turns and gets ugly, as the world dive to hell and back and sends us nasty pictures.

Let’s draw together as that’s the kind of guys and girls we are.


Slippery slopes. For all idiots everywhere.

It’s a damned slippery slope , it is.  Give a little on this.  Give a little on that and pretty soon all of your godly good rights are taken away and all of the guns in gun heaven waiting to find a home will not get a mother or a father.  It is evil that we do.  A slippery slope to slippery evil.

But hark.  We have the slope protectors to the rescue.  The merry bands of faith healers and slope watchers scour the universe for the best ways to combat the slippin’ and the sliden’ and the mojo waisten’ and the deference giving so that all good bullets find their marks and all good sleds be taken out and burned.

Power comes to the watchers.  The power of right and good.  The power of forcing mere mortals to knuckle under to thine will.  Not for mere mortals, thence, no slippery slope there.  Power is already gone with the wind to the takers and the makers.

Slippery slopes don’t cut both ways.

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