Slippery slopes don’t cut both ways

Slippery slopes don’t cut both ways

It’s a damned slippery slope , it is.  Give a little on this.  Give a little on that and pretty soon all of your godly good rights are taken away and all of the guns in gun heaven waiting to find a home will not get a mother or a father.  It is evil that we do.  A slippery slope to slippery evil.

But hark.  We have the slope protectors to the rescue.  The merry bands of faith healers and slope watchers scour the universe for the best ways to combat the slippin’ and the sliden’ and the mojo waisten’ and the deference giving so that all good bullets find their marks and all good sleds be taken out and burned.

Power comes to the watchers.  The power of right and good.  The power of forcing mere mortals to knuckle under to thine will.  Not for mere mortals, thence, no slippery slope there.  Power is already gone with the wind to the takers and the makers.

Slippery slopes don’t cut both ways.

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