Amen. Let’s draw together.

Amen. Let’s draw together.

Let’s draw together as one nation under divine providence.

Let’s draw together as a people united in suffering, full of togetherness, open to brotherhood and secure in our belief that all of our fellows are worthy of a listen … are worthy of respect.

Let’s draw together as in the spirits of great causes, as in the demonstrations of great shared loss and great shared responsibility.

Let’s draw together as the night threatens to come and the day threatens to recede.

Let’s draw together as the silver beacon of a land on the hill, as the last best hope for mans honor and redemption, as the fiery might of right and reason flying out to smite down evil and bring about safety, toughness, might, backbone and a stiff upper lip.

Let’s draw together as the world turns and gets ugly, as the world dive to hell and back and sends us nasty pictures.

Let’s draw together as that’s the kind of guys and girls we are.


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