Ahhhh, the bubbling waterfall

Ahhhh, the bubbling waterfall

There are only real problems in this, our America dear around election time and the TV sweeps months.  Absent that the world is right, the haves are in their homes, the wonks are sweetly wonking, the brokers are sweetly broking.

The thinkers are randomly applying obscure mathematical formulai to the acts of false governance and the world is a safe den of illiquid emulsifier sanitizing the ups and downs of vague society.

The dancers  frolic and play and skip and twirl and do their swirls to peace to the rhythms of the clapping crowd.  Passion  devil dances rue the day the stage of nothingness was not the way to the pay.

To show feathers and gain peeks.  The simple sunshine of high dudgeon leaves one immune to the happy narratives of a public domain.  The light of the night from above of the golden cascading mists of the art work of the sincere fill sincerity and reality.  Ahhhh, the bubbling waterfall.

A world without problems.

A world without sin.

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