Profit, money, life comes from leverage

Profit, money, life comes from leverage

Interns intern for the thrill of it all.

Corporate productivity is up, up, up.

Corporate profits sit and accumulate dust …. left over from the dust that is eaten by the mean wage earner.

Them that gots shall have.

Them that gots shall dictate every little bit of behavior for prospective wage slaves and current drones.

Them that gots shall threaten any and all in tough times with tough measures.

Them that gots shall maximize survival and ensure competitiveness and make sure that they are beholden not to labor or skills or any and any push back from bodies for sale.

Business models work when human capital is cheap not dear.

Human capital best be able to have leverage or sink.

Why pay anybody anything?

Pay only when there is no other option.

Profit, money, life comes from leverage.

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