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Intimidate, muscle and burn

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Intimidate,muscle and burn

Gun talk.  Gone with the wind.

Bank talk.  In the breeze.

Jobs talk.  There for the good fairy.

War and peace talk.  For another day.

Poor talk.  A jest.

Rich talk.  Of envy and aspiration.

The good master talk.  Find the one that floats your boat and has you on a string.

The right to not be two steps away from living in the street.  A phantom menace.

Make work for elected public servants.  The joy of loud damning social issues that keeps on giving.  Heat and fire and eyeballs and ear balls and noise and dumb and all around.

Fraternity and sorority on parade.

Proms queens of loud mouths.  BMOC little boys with guns on their hips and the curse of scum on their lips.

Intimidate, intimidate, muscle and burn and raise the forearm shiver.

Sing the song and ring the bell loudly.

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