Scream totalitarianism, fascism, fascist twerp

Scream totalitarianism, fascism, fascist twerp

What is the price to pay for bad behavior?

What is the price to pay for power mongering, power grabbing, gross intimidation, self righteous bullying, saintly hating, demonizing with intent to make weak, vulnerable and defenseless; making the world safe for plaster saints and carved out holy rollers?

What is the price to pay for gun toting polemics with trigger handy and sight clean?

What is the price to pay for the lean into might making right, fight making might, consensus bought with the power of the fist, the gun, the rant, the haters hate and the killers kill.

Nobody screams totalitarianism, fascism, fascist twerp at the red blooded, freedom loving patriots who have co-opted patriotism, the flag, the blue of the sky  and made it their own little bit of ugly.

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