Bully boys and learning tramps and paeans to the stupid

Bully boys and learning tramps and paeans to the stupid

Technocrats and bureaucrats and curriculum haters.

Bully boys and learning tramps and paeans to the stupid.

Lusts for skills absent context, context absent skills …. dullards of minds and single focuses of skills all in efforts to be cog phlegmatic.

Curriculum haters, baters and thieves.  Knowledge of the world and its mysteries and perplexities for the uncouth and the droll … not the red blooded and pure.

Culture for decrepit culture warriors … culture in any other framework a curse, a word, a curse word of grand proportions.

A work force of the nimble and vacant. Work focused only within the parameters of the deadly job.  Knowledge breeds unhappy labor.  Unhappy labor gets in the way of fierce management.  Fierce management brings fierce profits..  The wheel reinvented gives a sparkling world.

Stupid is as stupid does.  It does fine, looks good, is the new smart.

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