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Compensation, wealth, influence, power

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Compensation, wealth, influence, power

All love democracy save for those who can do something to enforce it, make it viable, efficient, responsible, purposeful, representative and free from being rigged or tilted, maneuvered, influenced or played.

All love democracy save for those who love the structural advantages of gerrymandering, the arcane advantages of senate hostage taking, the legislative advantages of vote rigging and game bending, the mouthy paeans to respect for a minority that comes with the power grabbers and serial haters.

All love democracy save for those who know that the middle is not where to gain a power base and that a power base comes best from those who can turn the vulnerabilities of a system to their own best advantage through passion, hate, ownership of sainted souls, intimidation, fear, want.

All love democracy save for those who cannot benefit greatly from its fates, practices, vagaries and misdemeanors.  Politicians are professionals after all.  Professionals seek compensation, wealth, influence, power, diminished returns for rivals.

All love democracy save for those who are co0nstricted by its very thought.

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