Fear, intimidation, meanness and aim

Fear, intimidation, meanness and aim

Its sovereignty time again.  Its the time when we all sit back and pretend that power flows up and down the political system in ways answerable to government, law givers, executive actors, inane representatives, culturally deprived politicos, boorish, immaculate spewers of policy and mirth.  Ahh, the civics classes that no  one took or cared about or understood are of a fiction gone by and a time protected from the harangues of position, influence, agenda, freedom from consequence, freedom to buy and sell useless souls who want to be in with the in crowd

What gets done is cracks in the fabrics of balance  … balance of powers amongst the competing strains of bad governance.  What gets used is access to the pretty little vacuums opened up to those who are left to operate on their own with no one to check them and no mechanism to see them.  The brain dead, calcified system of sinners and suckers that we ordain and cherish leave the open field to those who would be powerful and dangerous….. all it takes is fear, intimidation, meanness and aim.  Especially aim.

Ain’t no one caring about any mess save those who may profit.

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