We sell rancid meat now

We sell rancid meat now

Thump our chest.  Ring our bells.  Put Miss Liberty’s image out as the symbol of us… the goodness that we are.

Thump our chest.  Ring our bells.  Throw up those 4th of July fireworks for the world to see.

Thump our chest.  Ring our bells.  America the beacon.  America the standard.  America the model, the moral place, the last best hope for mankind.  America the beautiful.

Thump our chest.  Ring our bells.  From sea to shining sea.  From heart to shining heart.  From gut to rancid gut.

Thump our chest.  Ring our bells. From here to eternity and back again …. the sweet smell of excess, the sweet smell of dogs and ponies being slaughtered for the thrills.

The grand experiment.  The keepers of the flame.  The purest purests of purity and joy

We sell rancid meat now.  And we sell it high.  Its what our good pallets long for.

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