The Great Society Suite

The Great Society Suite

The untouchables

Once, when we were the greatest nation on earth and in the history of all sundry and multitudinous universes it was thought that the greatest nation on earth and in the history of all sundry and multitudinous universes would never really really hold that title loudly and proudly unless there was a great and sundry effort and desire to not have poor people who had not means, money, opportunity, respect…….we were the once and future greatest nation in the minds of men and in the hearts of those who knew the good calculations of PR and glory ….. but at least the thought was nice.

We have learned much in our trek through greatness into the lands of self reliance and no sustenance for sustenance…… The greatest nation on earth and in the history of all sundry and multitudinous universes now knows that greatness lies in being able to appreciate your lot and accept the depths of low expectations with the appreciation that there are any expectations at all …. The freedom to be lectured to by those who have….

We have learned that the definition of greatness is to claw and fail…..not to see the untouchables as part of the whole.

Afflict the afflicted

Afflict the afflicted.  Comfort the comfortable.  Have a caste system.  Shoot to maim. Rig the system.  It is there to be rigged.  Politics is adolescent’s play.  Sneering hatchets.

Afflict the afflicted.  Comfort the comfortable. Each and every day each and every way each and every dim bulb in service to the slave wager.  Control movement.  Labor is parasitic, a mean commodity. The great unwashed  fill in the background … fight heathen devils …. keep in their place away from inflicting harm … They make themselves good serfs, pawns, peasants, cogs …. servants of thy fancy.

Suckers get played as suckers.  Sucker hunting.  It is good to hate.   Government spending encourages subsistence.  Too damned good a deal.  It is to be a sadistic winner that makes the run a run.

Up the bastards.

The intoxicating sea of void

In the general culture it is quite hard to aspire to those top rungs of achievement in which ones dreams are met and ones follies are taken off of the table and forgotten due to the mastery of skills acquired.

Years of labor and self denial are required in order to shape oneself in the image of fate and rocket towards immortality by way of the presentation of the perfect marriage of the divine and the sordid, the visceral and the ephemeral, the notable and the mundane.

Public personas come and go and the shining lights of force, awe, manipulation, drive, sensitivity, pain all emanate well from the class of achievers who define the public conversions, conversations.

The templates are hard to come by.  The rages of purity hard to achieve.  Respect is hard fought for and auras of respect drive the chase for excellence.

It is the grand respect for, embrace of, mythification of the dumb and the lewd, the loud and the diffident, the passionate drones and the deniers, debunkers of rational thought or critical examination that champions the aspirations of those who seek to be worthy.

Tis the new age of yellowing gold.  The perfect vessels of standing and hierarchy are those who worm their ways into the forms of the dead adrift upon the sea of void.

The intoxicating sea of void.

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