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Only the strong hate right

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Watch as the sneerers get sneered at and the bullies get bullied.  Watch as the worm attempts to turn but cannot as the raging hormones of the true believers and ideologues fight the fight of whining, winning, killing, owning, breaking, burying

Killing for killing’s sake. Power for power’s sake.  Breaking for breaking’s sake.  Owning for owning’s sake.   Stomping the devil for the sake of stomping the devil.  Arms and the man.  Swords and the woman.  The ferocity and bared teeth.  Fight for freedom.  Freedom means mine ….protected by me.   Good ole’ intimidation works.  I bite.   I kick.  I rage.  Democracy ain’t freedom.  Week kneed accomodators and mealy mouthed chiselers.  Like to force them to the ground.  Eat dirt.  Cry for mama.  Feels good.  Only the strong hate right.

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