A bone for the wise and mature….end of story

The merry politicos who believe in their beliefs believe in their beliefs because they are bound for glory and because a true belief is a wonderful platform from which to enjoy hate, spew bile and pollute the ether.  It is good to be a Knight Templar or a guardian of the nether worlds.

Problems are problems and problems cause grief.  There is no real grief where there is no real urgency.  There is only grief as show, grief as theater, grief as water horse for the power hungry and those of intellectual conceit who are smarter than mud.

When the urge to win is the urge of choice then the urge to win is the play of choice.  When the urge to be a standard bearer for the one true way is the urge to sparkle and shine and be covered with the coat of many peevish swans of self righteousness then that is the coat to wear.

When the urge to get something done is an urge to get something done then bull dogs bulldog and they do the doable with the urge to get the bone.

The bone of the doable is a bone for the wise and mature….end of story.

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