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Stand tall and secede

With no skin in the game there is no skin in the game.

With no fame in the game there is no fame in the game.

With no game in the game the blame in the game is for the lame in the game who have to play the sane in the game.

The sane in the game are the lame in the game who have to answer to the tame in the game who wish not to put a flame to the game.

The flame to the game is no shame to the game as the flame to the game is the flame of freedom.

Stand tall and secede.

Tired of godless socialists

Tired of godless socialists.  Tired of mushy moderates and weak kneed bleeding hearts.  Tired of know it all elites who at least believe in learning, discussion, rationality and discourse.  Tired of all of the knee jerk devils that seem to get automatic currency in this the age of dumb and dumber, adolescence as a high water mark.

Tired of the scopes of the human mind and the human heart walled off from examination by poor put upon haters who know bad secular brazen degenerates when they see them.  Tired of pots calling kettles without pots being labeled worse.

How about fascistic theocratic enforcers and intimidaters for laws of liking.  Deniers and resisters of laws rejected.  Night riders free to take on an enemy government.  My way or the highway when my strength is up and my aim is true.  Enemies … I know who and where you are.  Freedom for me to be free to do with you as I wish.

Lets all play house together.

In the general culture it is quite hard to aspire to those top rungs of achievement in which ones dreams are met and ones follies are taken off of the table and forgotten due to the mastery of skills acquired.

Years of labor and self denial are required in order to shape oneself in the image of fate and rocket towards immortality by way of the presentation of the perfect marriage of the divine and the sordid, the visceral and the ephemeral, the notable and the mundane.

Public personas come and go and the shining lights of force, awe, manipulation, drive, sensitivity, pain all emanate well from the class of achievers who define the public conversions, conversations.

The templates are hard to come by.  The rages of purity hard to achieve.  Respect is hard fought for and auras of respect drive the chase for excellence.

It is the grand respect for, embrace of, mythification of the dumb and the lewd, the loud and the diffident, the passionate drones and the deniers, debunkers of rational thought or critical examination that champions the aspirations of those who seek to be worthy.

Tis the new age of yellowing gold.  The perfect vessels of standing and hierarchy are those who worm their ways into the forms of the dead adrift upon the sea of void.

The intoxicating sea of void.

The cover to kill

It is assumed that everyone loves and admires the doctors’ oath of “do no harm” and the attendant philosophies of life involved.

It is assumed that everyone loves and admires the sound epoch of grandeur that is brought to fore by public and private actors who know harm when they see it and who know responsibility to behave well when it is thrust upon them.

It is assumed that everyone loves and admires good works and cultural magnificence, a society with standards of positive achievement, a world of straw spun to gold.  Our public stars offer us this service.  They present  fairy tale and definition … the philosophies, the philosophers, the death of reason, the rise of faith, the mountains of distinguished thought and soul searching excess.

It is assumed that everyone loves and admires the heathens who reform, the devils who sprout wings, the dragon slayers who win.

“To live and do well” is a pretense for weak thinkers or selfless floggers who are socialistic, fascistic, vain, self righteous.  They are the enemy.  It is only through the competing interests of me that the system can function and that one can get the cover to kill.

Listen to them talk and reason, sing fling and and warble their arias of divine intervention.  Squeeze the freedom of movement out of the equations of action.Be the devil wrangler.

Be iconic and do no harm.

The political plan.

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