“Don’t tread on me” boy.

It is good to be a militia man.  It is good to “live free or die”.  “Don’t tread on me” boy.  I bite.  I am tough.  I stand tall and work fast.

“Don’t tread on me” boy.  I bite.  I hate.  I sneer.  I know weak and mean, obstinate and confiscatory, the devil when I see it.  Governments are for chumps.  The state is the enemy.  Enemies in power are the enemy.  There is the one way to run a state.  And only then with my gun to back it up.

They all hate me.  They hate my rough hewn independence.  They hate my willingness to fight shadows and my ability to see enemies domestic and foreign no matter how insignificant or cherished by me.  It is good to be able to define an enemy.  It is good to be judge and jury, executioner and savior.

“Don’t tread on me” boy. It is right to be right. Right to be of honor.  It is right to fight evil … the evil that traps my soul, makes me associate with traitors and those not of God.  It is right to stave off the constant charge of the mock rational and facetious schemers who wish to talk away my freedom.

There is always the great equalizer against the damning hordes.  The bigger the bang, the more intimidated the enemy … the easier to mark my territory and to control my state, my territory … my way,  God’s way, the highway.

To scare and cower evil as it seeks to destroy my way of being.  That is a standard of manhood.  There is no higher order.

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