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Eternal Adolescence

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So the aging boomers were the vanguard of the world of eternal adolescence.  So the template for the culture of fraternity party and dead heads was forged long ago and far away.  So the spoiled brats of privilege and entitlement and tantrum and nattering have come down through our times with the winds of smirk and the fires of self satisfaction.  So and so and so.

So the charmers who govern and the charmers who speak to govern are the left hands of the gods of the banal.  So the rompers who act and act and act love the show, the fire, the false indignation, the parties and the celebrations and war rooms of the three o’clock bundlers with over worked college boys and girls feeling their oats and becoming kings and queens of the world.  So and so.  What else is there?

If children can’t be children then their maturity and growth might be threatened.  God forbid we should threaten the maturity and growth of our governing hordes.  Better to let them send notes in homeroom and smirk in packs of overcompensating preeners.

Government by adolescent.  Anyone can play.

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